Mission Statement

Cerritos High School, supported by the district administration, will provide a comprehensive
standards-based, balanced educational program that promotes intellectual, social, emotional, character and physical growth. Students will become active partners in the shaping of their
learning with the ability to access, evaluate, manipulate and present information in innovative
and creative ways.
Through joint planning with students, parents and staff, Cerritos High School strives to:
  • Collaborate in the student’s education, using multiple assessments to evaluate student
    learning and develop ongoing, personalized educational plans for students.
  • Encourage creativity and self-expression.
  • Maintain a safe and nurturing school environment.
  • Promote choices for students to acquire skills needed for a successful career and
    continued learning.
  • Provide a technology supported learning and teaching environment.
  • Prepare students for responsible participation in a culturally diverse democracy.
  • Support the development of a well-rounded individual who is prepared for the rights
    and responsibilities of adulthood.