Premio de Oro

What makes students stand out among their peers is that they not only work hard to excel in class to receive high marks, but it’s also their endeavor to earn the recognition and respect from their classmates and teachers. Annually, each Cerritos High School teacher nominates about 5 of their “best” students to be recognized at the Cerritos High School Premio de Oro ceremony. Every nominee is honored with a Premio de Oro certificate, but each teacher announces one particular student (out of those nominated) who really stood out during the past year and hangs a Premio de Oro medallion around his/her neck on stage. This is an emotional and sentimental moment for both teachers and students and the few students who are honored with a medal has made a true impact on their teacher and the class.

The criteria for selection may vary from teacher to teacher; however, selection should reflect outstanding classroom performance. Teachers have considered grades, participation, integrity, leadership portrayal, subject enthusiasm, and overall contribution to the class when making their selections.

Senior Awards Night

Cerritos High School Senior Awards Night is held annually on the first Wednesday in June. This special night is when we recognize our outstanding seniors on their academic, community service, and athletic accomplishments. At the Senior Awards Night, we also bestow some of our outstanding seniors with an Escudo de Oro (Crest of Gold) medallion