Student Website Help FAQ

 Websites for CHS Students and Parents

  1.  - (parents and students)
    1. What is it for? is the place to check on attendance and grades posted, as well as do data confirmation and forms at the beginning of the year.
    2. To reset your password add [email protected] to your contacts and then reset your password at
    3. To set up a new account go to and then email [email protected] with your name and ID for the verification information needed.
  2. Google / / Google Classroom  – /  
    1. If you have a common name you might have a number after your last name i.e. [email protected]
    2. If you have a jr, iii, etc it will be after your last name [email protected]
    3. If you have multiple names/middle names they might be included too (depending on how your parents filled out your registration form) [email protected]
    4. If you need help or need the password, please email [email protected]
    1. Your default login is [email protected] and your password is your birthday in this format (YYYYMMDD)
    2. If you haven’t turned in a district AUP form signed by your parents you must do that before your account will work.
    3. Whom do I contact for registration or login help? Email [email protected] for help.
  3. Illuminate HC -
    1. Your login is your school email (click on sign-in with Google). Contact [email protected] and she can find someone to change it for you.
  4. StudySync -
    1. Default Login is: your school email  [email protected], password ABCYYYYMMDD (ABC + your birthday backwards)
    2. Email [email protected] or your English teacher for help
  5. Naviance –  (students only)
    1. What is it for? Naviance is a website for students in all grades to begin preparing for college, establish college and career plans and facilitate the college application process.
    2. Whom do I contact for registration or login help? Email your student's assigned counselor for help:

If you need help with anything not listed here, please email [email protected] with your name/ID! :)