Pick up a chromebook to use at school/home!

Update 8/24
We ran out of Chromebooks that were ready to hand out and just need to pull more off of the carts. (We are not OUT of them completely!) They will be ready tomorrow, we are working hard, and we appreciate your patience. Students can come before school from 7:15-8:30 am, snack, lunch, after school until 4 pm.
If you have an 11" chromebook that was checked out to you last year, you may also stop in and pick up a sleeve in the library to protect it!
In efforts to limit shared devices in the classroom, students may be asked to bring in a CHS-issued Chromebook or their own laptop/Chromebook to school.
-If your student already has a CHS-issued chromebook, the student is encouraged to continue using that device for home and classroom use. We have a limited number of sleeves available if you did not receive one in the spring. Please have your student stop by the library to have one issued to them (before/after school, snack, or lunch).
-If your student does not have a CHS-issued chromebook or their own device, they may check out a chromebook (with a sleeve) at the library during the following times: Makeup distribution day, Friday, 8/20, from 8-10 am, or before school (7-7:40 am), snack, lunch, or after school before 4 pm during the first week of school. A CHROMEBOOK WILL ONLY BE CHECKED OUT TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE THIS FORM FILLED OUT ALONG WITH THE PARENT SIGNATURE. The form can be found at cerritoshs.us/chromebook/
Please note, that personal devices are being brought at their own risk, and the school is not liable for any damage/theft.