Student Email information!

Everyone has to fill out an AUP if your parents didn't fill out the data confirmation online. Here is the form to print and fill out.

A few more tips on AUP and completing the AUP online. 
If you don't know their password they can reset it quickly here:  
Here is information on how to complete it online(remember,it has to be the parent account):  
The default student gmail username and password is:
password is your birthday in this format:  YYYYMMDD
If you have multiple first names it might be:
If you have a jr/ii/iii it would be   
If you have a common name it could be with a number after the last name I've seen all the way up to 8) 
You can see what your student email address in Aeries. Click on Student Info--> Demographics and then click on the 2nd tab - the red underline is their student aeries account, and the yellow, or Network Login ID is their student Google 
:) And if all else fails, send me your name and ID via email, or you can text me (562-802-4852) or you can visit me at snack or lunch in the library!
If you need Aeries help I can do that too. Send me a text or an email with what you need. :)
-Mrs. Marcroft