Info: First Day of School 2019

CHS First Day of School 

Schedule Distribution Process


What does the schedule distribution process look like for the first day of school?

  1. CHS will be using the “Regular Bell Schedule” for the first day of school (all periods remain       standard except for “0 period”).
  2. There will be no “zero period” on the first day of school.
  3. Students who have a zero-period class begin school at 7:45am on the first day of school. These students will then report to the theater and remain until 2nd period begins.
  4. Students will enter campus, follow the signs, and find their schedule distribution table by grade level. Student schedules will be available for student pick up starting at 7:15am.
  5. Counselors, ASB students, and teacher volunteers will help to give students their schedules.
  6. Once a student picks up their schedule, they go to their 1st period class as shown on their 

         class schedule.

  7. Students who are not enrolled at CHS on the first day of school, will report and remain in the

           theater, so they can be processed to enter school as soon as possible on the first day

   The tables will be set up as follows:

Grade Level

Schedule Distribution Area

Alphabetical Line Designations

9th grade

South gate entrance

A-D, E-I, J-L, M-P, Q-T, and U-Z

10th grade

West side of nutrition services area

A-D, E-I, J-M, N-S, and T-Z

11th grade

East side of the Quad

A-D, E-I, J-M, N-S, and T-Z

12th grade

North side of the Quad

A-D, E-I, J-M, N-S, and T-Z


How will this information be conveyed to students and teachers?

  • Emails will be sent home to all grade levels with the above information
  • An all-call will be sent out the week before school starts to all grade levels
  • Teachers will be notified via email, and teacher volunteers will be requested
  • Teacher volunteers will be given information regarding their schedule distribution area 

Why are we distributing schedules to students in this manner?

  • To help maximize instructional time the first day of school

Additional Information

Schedule Changes

  1. Schedule changes during the first few days of school will be to address conflicts and errors 


  1. After picking up schedules on Monday morning, all students will report to their 1st period 


  1. Students will need to see their counselors, during the period with the schedule error, if 

      students have the following scheduling issue(s):  

  • If students are enrolled in the wrong level (Ex: 9th grader enrolled in English II class during 1st period) teachers send the student to the counseling office
  • If students have a gap in their schedule
  • For Teacher Aide (TA) assignments students should see Dr. Gutierrez during the period they hope to be enrolled as a TA.

Regular Bell Schedule

Period 0: Not in session the first day of school

Period 1: 7:45am-8:42am

Period 2: 8:47am-9:44am

Period 3/HR: 9:49am-10:54am

Snack:             10:54am-11:09am

Period 4: 11:14am-12:11pm

Period 5: 12:16pm-1:13pm

Lunch: 1:13pm-1:43pm

Period 6: 1:48pm-2:45pm

Period 7: 2:50pm-3:45pm