Important Instructions for Summer Assignments

Please read the following in regards to our summer assignments

Summer assignments are designed to help bridge the summer learning gap and prepare students for the upcoming curriculum.

For all departments and subject areas, students are not required to print out summer assignments. Students may print them out at home, write on a separate piece of paper, submit files digitally to the teacher, or come into the office and ask for a print out of the summer assignment at no charge.


*I left up 2017 assignments from teachers who didn't let me know if there was still an assignment for 2018. Please contact them directly to verify. Any teachers who updated or emailed me have had their files updated to 2018.*


If there are any questions about summer assignments please contact the teacher listed on the assignment or


Note, there is no assignment for AP Psych this year.


No summer assignment for A.P. U.S. Government and Politics